Kennewick Irrigation District Title Transfer

Through development of the Yakima Project (Project), the United States holds title to irrigation facilities serving KID water users and other lands, and rights supporting KID operations. On July 22, 1953, operation and maintenance responsibilities were transferred to KID. KID has repaid a majority of the relevant Project construction costs in accordance with their existing construction contracts.

KID is interested in receiving title to relevant Project facilities and lands downstream of the siphon at Reclamation’s Chandler Pumping and Hydro Pump Plant to reduce administrative costs and increase operational efficiencies. Reclamation is working with KID to pursue title transfer following all relevant environmental and procedural requirements are complete. Once the title transfer is complete, KID will continue to operate and maintain the facilities in the same manner.

Written comments were accepted until April 06, 2020.

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Last Update: 7/1/20