Sunnyside Division RRM Water Conservation Project Environmental Assessment

The Bureau of Reclamation has prepared an Environmental Assessment and issued a FONSI for a water conservation project within the Sunnyside Division of the Yakima Project to be administered by the Sunnyside Valley Irrigation District (SVID).

The purpose of the conservation project is to make a large component of the Sunnyside canal system more efficient by implementing water conservation measures involving piping and improved water metering. The need for the project is to improve the canal system in order to divert less water from the Yakima River and to provide more water instream for fish benefits. The project involves piping of the Rocky Ford, Ryder, and Matheson (RRM) lateral canal system located between Grandview and Sunnyside, Washington.

Two alternatives were developed and evaluated in the EA, the No Action Alternative (Alternative No. 1) as required by the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), and the Action Alternative (Alternative No. 2) involving the RRM project. Reclamation has selected Alternative No.2, the RRM project as the recommended alternative for implementation.

Under Alternative 2, a large portion of the RRM lateral canal system serving 11,297 irrigated acres will be piped, and in-line flow meters will be installed. Approximately 51.3 miles of lateral canals will be enclosed by burying pipe either within the existing open channel lateral or along the adjacent existing canal right of way and access road. The majority of this work would be done during the non-irrigation season, mostly in the fall and winter, with some work being implemented in summer where possible.

04/2010 Sunnyside Division RRM Water Conservation Project EA and FONSI PDF 434 kb
02/2010 Sunnyside Division RRM Water Conservation Project Draft EA PDF 865 kb


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