Steamboat Rock State Park Campground Addition Environmental Assessment

At the request of the Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission, the Bureau of Reclamation completed an EA and FONSI in consideration of a proposal to expand Steamboat Rock State Park. The National Environmental Policy Act and State Environmental Policy Act require Reclamation and WSPRC, respectively, to evaluate the environmental impacts resulting from this proposed action. The park is located in Grant County, Washington, on Banks Lake, a feature of the Columbia Basin Project.

WSPRC is interested in providing additional recreational opportunities at the park to achieve the recreation site improvement goals and management actions contained in Reclamation's 2001 Resource Management Plan for Banks Lake. In addition, the proposed action would provide additional facilities as recommended in WSPRC's Centennial 2013 Plan.

Steamboat Rock State Park is a destination park that operates at or near full capacity from May 15th to September 15th each year. The proposed action would increase the capacity of the park by providing additional campsites, rustic cabins, and boat moorage slips.

03/2010 Steamboat Rock State Park Campground Addition EA and FONSI PDF 947 kb


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