Two Shoreline Protection Systems at Lake Roosevelt Draft Environmental Assessment

The Bureau of Reclamation is seeking public comment on a Draft Environmental Assessment for the construction of shoreline protection systems on the lower portion of Lake Roosevelt. Comments are due by April 20, 2015.

The proposed project involves installing wooden log booms at Moonbeam Bay and Redford Canyon. The log booms would span approximately 645 linear feet at Redford Canyon and 675 linear feet at Moonbeam Bay.

The Draft Environmental Assessment analyzes potential environmental impacts of two alternatives, including a preferred alternative:

  • No Action – Reclamation would not take any action to protect the shoreline by reducing disturbance from recreational visitors and natural or boat-induced wave action.
  • Preferred Alternative – Reclamation would install log booms, also known as waterway barrier systems, at the inlets to Moonbeam Bay and Redford Canyon. This action uses wooden boom logs connected by chains and anchored to the shoreline. The log booms would absorb wave energy, diminishing shoreline erosion from natural and human-made wave action.

Comments were collected until April 20, 2015.

02/2015 Two Shoreline Protection Systems Lake Roosevelt Draft Environmental Assessment PDF 5.56 mb


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