City of Quincy 5-Year Nonagricultural Discharge Authorization

The Bureau of Reclamation has prepared an environmental assessment (EA) analyzing the effects of issuing the City of Quincy (City) in central Washington an authorization to discharge nonagricultural treated industrial wastewater into federal irrigation facilities. The authorization would enable the City to continue the operation and maintenance of a treated nonagricultural wastewater pipeline and outfall structure. The City would use the pipeline and outfall structure to transport and deliver Class A wastewater from its industrial wastewater treatment plant to Reclamation’s Columbia Basin Project return flow drain.

This action would enable the City to upgrade their existing facilities to a reuse Class A treatment plant. When completed, the upgraded treatment plant would eliminate nonagricultural discharge to the drain in conformance with Reclamation policy. The authorization is consistent with the Clean Water Act agricultural exemption.

For more information, contact Water Quality Specialist Gina Hoff at 509-754-0254, or via email at

08/2017 City of Quincy 5-Year Nonagricultural Discharge Authorization EA and FONSI PDF 915 kb


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Last Updated: 5/22/20