Modernization of Left and Right Powerhouses at Grand Coulee Dam

The Grand Coulee Power Office is proposing to modernize and overhaul the G1 through G18 generating units in the Left Powerhouse and Right Powerhouse over the next several years.

Many of the principal components in the LPH and RPH are being operated beyond their intended service life, and Reclamation needs to modernize and overhaul the aging components in order to continue to provide reliable hydropower, The G1 through G18 units show problems stemming from age and wear that result in increased hardware failures and forced outages. To avoid unplanned outages for repair, Reclamation proposes to address the needed overhaul in a planned approach.

Reclamation has closed the Draft Environmental Assessment (EA) public commenting period for the proposed Grand Coulee G1 through G18 Modernization and Overhaul Project. Reclamation intends to finalize and publish the Environmental Assessment by the end of 2017.

04/2017 Grand Coulee G1 through G18 Generating Units Modernization and Overhaul Draft EA PDF 16.64 mb


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Last Updated: 8/18/17