Arnold Irrigation District Flow Measurement Modernization

The Bureau of Reclamation intends to award a WaterSMART grant to the Arnold Irrigation District to modernize the district’s Deschutes River main headworks by automating the existing radial gate and improving diversion flow measurement via the Supervisory Control and Acquisition system.

This project will allow annual conservation of 1,800 acre feet (6% of the annual average supply) by better managing and measuring highly fluctuating river flows that currently require daily manual adjustments. This project meets the goals of the district's 2014 and 2022 water management and conservation plans and contributes water for threatened species habitat, such as the Oregon spotted frog, in the habitat conservation plan signed with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in December 2020.

The river diversion is located south of the Bend, Oregon city limits, along the east bank of the Deschutes River and feeds the district's Main Canal and all distribution laterals downstream, serving 4,364 acres of agricultural lands.

To analyze potential impacts associated with this project, Reclamation is preparing an analysis document as required by the National Environmental Policy Act and is conducting Section 106 consultation as required by the National Historic Preservation Act. Reclamation has determined the proposed project will result in a No Adverse effect as defined by 36CFR800.5.

04/2023 State Historic Preservation Office Letter PDF 185 kb

Gregg Garnett
Bend Field Office Manager

Bureau of Reclamation
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Last Updated: 5/5/23