Pioneer Irrigation District & City of Caldwell Title Transfer Proposal Environmental Assessment

The Bureau of Reclamation prepared a final Environmental Assessment (EA) and Finding of No Significant Impact, pursuant to the National Environmental Policy Act, addressing the proposed transfer of title for about 80.5 miles of irrigation drains to the Pioneer Irrigation District and City of Caldwell in Canyon County, Idaho.

The title transfer proposal is limited to facilities and related property interests operated and maintained by Pioneer Irrigation District since construction by Reclamation in the early 1900s. The district has fulfilled all repayment obligations for the federally-owned portion of the drainage system; however, title remains with the U.S. Government.

In 2014, the Pioneer Irrigation District and the City of Caldwell signed an agreement specifying they would jointly pursue transfer of title for the drains held by the U.S. Government to the district and the city. This agreement also specified which of the U.S. Government facilities would transfer to the City of Caldwell and which would transfer to the Pioneer Irrigation District.

The facilities to be transferred are drainage channels and associated rights-of-way and easements. The proposal does not include water rights, storage rights, water management agreements, or facilities maintained by other entities.

The National Environmental Policy Act requires Reclamation to evaluate the environmental impacts that would result from this action. Based on the analysis in the EA, the proposed action was selected.

Subsequent to this public review period, Reclamation has responded to all comments received in the prepared final EA. This final EA will supersede previous documentation related to a similar proposed action in 2006-2007.

07/2018 Pioneer Irrigation District and City of Caldwell Proposed Title Transfer Final EA & FONSI PDF 5.17 mb
09/2017 Pioneer Irrigation District and City of Caldwell Proposed Title Transfer Draft EA PDF 8.27 mb
12/2007 Pioneer Irrigation District Proposed Title Transfer EA & FONSI PDF 4.80 mb


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