Minidoka Boat Ramp Replacement EA & FONSI

The Minidoka Boat Ramp is used by Reclamation personnel, the general public, Minidoka County Sheriff Marine Patrol, and search and rescue personnel. Reclamation's need for action is the existing ramp is steep and the surface is uneven and poorly drained. Poor ramp conditions have resulted in vehicles sliding into the reservoir, subsequently requiring retrieval. Additionally, current ramp conditions and site configuration do not comply with respective access and accessibility laws and regulations.

The nearest alternate boat ramp is over 11 river miles downstream near I-86. Therefore, Reclamation needs to replace the existing boat ramp, and associated facilities, with a new ramp suitable for safe access and egress from the river as well as meeting compliance standards set forth in the Architectural Barriers Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and Public Law 89-72. Reclamation's purpose is to provide safe access for the public and emergency responders at this location.

01/2017 Minidoka Boat Ramp Replacement EA and FONSI PDF 2.34 mb


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Last Updated: 4/19/23