Linderman Dam Restoration Project

Linderman Dam Remnants

The Linderman Dam Restoration final environmental assessment was issued in June 2020. The project is located within Teton and Fremont counties near Newdale, Idaho. Linderman Dam was built in the late 1950s and was largely dismantled in 1972 for the construction of Teton Dam. After the 1976 failure of Teton Dam, the river resumed its previous course, and the footings of Linderman Dam were exposed.

The structural remnants of Linderman Dam comprise eroded concrete and exposed vertical pipes that protrude into the river flow. A horizontal concrete beam in the center of the dam still extends across the river at about the level of the water surface during average base-flow conditions. This feature creates a hazard to recreators floating on the river.

Successful project completion will eliminate the safety hazards; improve passage for aquatic species, including native Yellowstone cutthroat trout; rehabilitate the river to a more natural and passable elevation profile; and maintain upstream pool elevation for irrigation demands.

Construction in the Teton River begins Aug. 18, 2021, to build a natural riffle downstream of the existing structure. The project site will be prepped mid-to-late July and will conclude in mid-Oct. 2021. Recreators may experience minimal impacts during the construction window. Existing dam components that protrude above the inundated concrete dam crest will be removed in 2022 or 2023 once annual inspections of the newly constructed riffle are completed. Any repairs needed for the natural riffle will be done at this time.

Floating the Teton River

Linderman Dam


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Last Updated: 7/20/21