Reconnect Canyon Creek to the Teton River and Restore Instream Flows Project

Reclamation proposes to provide funding through a WaterSMART grant for Friends of the Teton River to implement a watershed management project within Teton and Madison counties in southeastern Idaho. The proposed action would consist of three main actions: 1) irrigation system improvements at three sites, 2) a water right transfer application, and 3) development of a flow monitoring plan with accompanying equipment installation. If funded, the project would restore instream flows in Canyon Creek, a productive spawning tributary for a core conservation population of Yellowstone cutthroat trout.

The analysis of the alternatives will be documented in an environmental assessment and will be available in fall 2023.

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09/2023 Reconnecting Canyon Creek to Teton River and Restoring Instream Flows Project Finding of No Significant Impact and Environmental Assessment PDF 15.3 mb


Rochelle Ochoa

Bureau of Reclamation
Snake River Area Office
230 Collins Road
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Last Updated: 9/27/23