Bureau of Reclamation, Pacific Northwest Region
Major Storage Reservoirs in the Yakima River Basin

Clickable Reservoir Storage and Streamflow Diagram YRWW - Yakima River near Horlick, Wa KIOW - Yakima River near Kiona YRPW - Yakima River near Prosser PARW - Yakima River near Parker NACW - Naches River near Naches TICW - Tieton River near Tieton Canal UMTW - Yakima River near Umtanum TEAW - Teanaway River below Lambert Road TNAW - Teanaway River at Forks near Cle Elum EASW - Yakima River near Easton YUMW - Yakima River at Cle Elum KEE - Keechelus Reservoir Discharge KAC - Kachess Reservoir Discharge CLE - Cle Elum Reservoir Discharge BUM - Bumping Reservoir Discharge RIM - Rimrock Reservoir Discharge LNRW - Little Naches River near Nile RBDW - Yakima River below Roza Dam AMRW - American River near Nile KEE - Keechelus Reservoir Storage KAC - Kachess Reservoir Storage CLE - Cle Elum Reservoir Storage BUM - Bumping Reservoir Storage RIM - Rimrock Reservoir Storage

Average daily streamflows indicated in cubic feet per second.
Reservoir levels current as of midnight on date indicated.
Click on gaging stations (red dots) for streamflow hydrographs.
Yakima River system (Keechelus, Kachess, Cle Elum, Bumping, Rimrock) is at % of capacity.
Total space available: AF
Total storage capacity: 1065670 AF
Graph of Total System Storage

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