Palisades Dam Release

The Policy Lead coordinates the work conducted in the Pacific Northwest Region that supports the implementation of any policy related activities originating out of the Policy and Administration Office in Denver, CO. The Policy and Administration Office administers the implementation of the PL111-11 Section 9503 of the 2009 SECURE Water Act, part of which includes the WaterSMART Program. The act authorizes Reclamation to evaluate how a changing climate will affect water supply (surface water, ground water, and snowpack) and how those changes may impact water delivery, hydropower, flooding, ESA species, fish and wildlife, water quality, fish and water dependent ecological resiliency, and recreation at Reclamation facilities. Collaborative efforts take place regularly to coordinate results and leverage activities conducted by other federal, state, and local agencies.

The Policy Lead participates in the Pacific Northwest Climate Science Center’s Executive Stakeholder Committee (ESAC) meetings. ESAC members also include other federal agencies, state agencies, tribal organizations, and representative from the Landscape Conservation Cooperatives (LCCs). The ESAC, “…helps identify the annual and long-term science priorities of the NW CSC to help ensure that scientific research and tool development funded by the NW CSC is useful, relevant, and of value to the management of cultural and natural resources in the Northwest.”

The Policy Lead also coordinates responses to data calls from the Policy and Administration Office or Department of the Interior with the assistance of other leads.

04/2011 SECURE Water Act - Reclamation Climate Change and Water
09/2009 Secretarial Order 3289 — Addressing the Impacts of Climate Change on America’s Water, Land, and Other Natural and Cultural Resources
09/2012 CMP 09-02 — Department Manual on Water and Related Resources Feasibility Studies
04/2013 DOI Priority Goal - Climate Change Adaptation
03/2009 PL 111-11 — Title IX Reclamation, Subtitle F SECURE Water Act Section 9505
11/2013 Executive Order — Preparing the United States for the Impacts of Climate Change

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