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AgriMet Historical Dayfile Data Access
(Hourly Interval Data Only)

NOTE: This webform retrieves ONLY hourly weather observations (data collected at the TOP of each hour). Note that there may also be 15 minute data available for the same parameter, but this page will only display top of the hour observations.

Many values, such as air temperature and relative humidity, are instantaneous, average, maximum or minimum values for the 15 minute period. Other observations, such as solar radiation, wind run, and precipitation, are cumulative values. Wind speed and wind direction are average values for the last reporting period (15 minutes). The temperature, humidity, wind speed and wind direction values reported on this page are values for the previous 15 minutes, NOT for the previous hour.

Note that this form returns 24 records for each day selected. File sizes and download time vary accordingly, so please consider the potential volume of data when you choose your time period.

For a list of stations with locations and a link to the stations homepage and other site specific reports, visit the station location webpage.

For 15 minute data retrieval, click on the 15 Minute webpage.

For a list of available parameters at each station, check the AgriMet Station Instrumentation page.

For a description of the weather parameters, check the Key to Hourly Weather Parameters page.

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Weather Parameters Available at Most AgriMet Stations:
OB = Air Temperature, 15 Minute Instantaneous (degrees F)
OBX = Air Temperature, 15 Minute Maximum (degrees F)
OBM = Air Temperature, 15 Minute Average (degrees F)
OBN = Air Temperature, 15 Minute Minimum (degrees F)
TU = Relative Humidity, 15 Minute Average (percent)
TUX = Relative Humidity, 15 Minute Maximum (percent)
TUN = Relative Humidity, 15 Minute Minimum (percent)
EA = Actual Vapor Pressure, 15 Minute Average (KPa)
TP = Dew Point Temperature, 15 Minute Average (degrees F)
WD = Wind Direction, Mean of Wind Vector (degrees azimuth)
WG = Peak Wind Gust last 15 minutes (mph)
WS = Wind Speed, Hourly Average (mph)
UI = Wind Run, Cumulative (miles)
SQ = Global Solar Radiation, Cumulative (langleys)
SI = 15 minute Solar Radiation,(langleys/hour)
PC = Precipitation, Cumulative (inches of water)

Weather Parameters Available at Specific AgriMet Stations:
BP = Barometric Pressure, Instantaneous (inches mercury) [BNDW,CJDW,DENI,DTRO,GCDW,HCKO,HOXO,KFLW,LBRW,LKPO,MASW,SBMW,SILW]
EH = Pan Evaporation, Cumulative (inches) [HRMO]
PI = Precipitation, Incremental (inches) [ABEI,KTBI,MNTI]
SI2 = Diffuse Solar Radiation, Incremental(langleys) [ABEI,KTBI,MNTI,MRSO,PICI,PMAI,TWFI]
SQ2 = Diffuse Solar Radiation, Cumulative (langleys) [CHVO,HRMO,MRSO,PICI,PMAI,TWFI]
SP = Snow Pillow, Instantaneous (inches of water content) [PICI]
WDS = Wind Direction Standard Deviation (degrees azimuth) [BNDW,CJDW,DENI,DTRO,GCDW,HCKO,KFLW,LBRW,LKPO,SBMW,SILW]

Special Parameters Available at Specific AgriMet Stations:
SL = 1" Soil Temperature, Instantaneous (degrees F)
ZA = 2" Soil Temperature, Instantaneous (3" BRKO) (degrees F)
SW = 4" Soil Temperature, Instantaneous (6" BRKO) (degrees F)
SV = 8" Soil Temperature, Instantaneous (12" BRKO) (degrees F)
ZB = 20" Soil Temperature, Instantaneous (degrees F)
ZC = 40" Soil Temperature, Instantaneous (degrees F)
AU = Crop Canopy Temperature - Shielded, Instantaneous (degrees F) [ARAO,BANO,BRKO,LORO,WRDO]
Z1 = Crop Canopy Temperature - Unshielded, Instantaneous (degrees F) [BANO]
YE = Shelter Temperature, Instantaneous (degrees C) [COVM]
LW = Leaf Wetness, Instantaneous (kilo-ohms) [BRKO,DEFO,HOXO,MDFO,PARO,PMAI,PNGO,WRDO]

Last Updated: 4/5/19