Photo of Terry Fulp, Regional Director, Lower Colorado Region

Terry Fulp
Lower Colorado Regional Director

Dr. Terrance (Terry) Fulp, Ph.D., is the Regional Director of the Bureau of Reclamation’s Lower Colorado Region. Headquartered in Boulder City, Nevada, the Region encompasses the last 700 miles of the Colorado River to the Mexican border, which includes most of Arizona, southern Nevada, and southern California. A Reclamation employee since 1989, Terry is responsible for implementing the Secretary of the Interior’s water master functions in the Lower Basin, including water delivery, accounting, and contracting. Terry oversees hydropower operations and maintenance for Regional facilities including Hoover Dam, as well as the implementation of the Lower Colorado River Multi-Species Conservation Program, a multi-agency effort to conserve and work towards the recovery of endangered species and to protect and maintain wildlife habitat on the lower Colorado River.

Terry has been instrumental in the negotiation and execution of several major water policy initiatives in his career. These include guidelines for the coordinated operation of Lake Powell and Lake Mead, in place through 2026, and binational agreements pursuant to the 1944 Treaty with Mexico for Colorado River management, also in place through 2026.

Updated: 1/16/2018

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