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  • Facilities

    Reclamation tests Friant Dam spillway

    Friant Dam spillway gate testing July 9, 2019

    The Bureau of Reclamation allowed Millerton Lake to spill over the top of Friant Dam July 9, 2019, during a spillway gates test. The reservoir’s capacity is 520,000 acre-feet and is at full capacity for the first time since 2017. Read More →

  • Prize Competition

    Reclamation selects winners of competition to develop solutions for removing sediment from reservoirs

    Sedimentation is a significant program for aging reservoirs, like Paonia Reservoir in Colorado.

    Reclamation launched a prize competition seeking new and improved techniques for the removal of sediment and transport of that sediment in a cost-effective manner. Of the 40 potential solutions received, six winners will share $75,000. Sedimentation is a significant problem for aging reservoirs as it reduces the amount of water that can be stored. It also impacts the dam outlets, water quality, recreation and downstream habitat. Read More →

  • California Water

    Commissioner Burman takes action to improve Central Valley Project hydropower

    Keswick Dam is located nine miles downstream from Shasta Dam on the Sacramento River. It is one of the 11 powerplants of the Central Valley Project.

    Bureau of Reclamation Commissioner Brenda Burman established new policy to improve the long-term viability of Central Valley Project hydropower. The policy direction – focused on cost stability, lost production opportunities, improving the value of the resources and customer service – is a result of a customer initiative started last year. Read More →

  • Employees

    Lower Colorado Region Hosts Festive Hawaiian Ohana Celebration

    On Thursday, May 30, the Lower Colorado Region (LCR) hosted a high-energy performance by the Hawaiian Ohana group to commemorate Asian American Pacific Islander Month – observed nationally by the federal government during May. Read More →

  • Video

    McKay Dam High Flows 2019

    Unprecedented flows at McKay Dam near Pendleton, Oregon. Reclamation and local officials are working together to manage the volume of water rushing through the system. Learn more...

Recreation & Public Use

New Melones Launches Every Kid in a Park Pass Every Kid Outdoors

Our country is full of dazzling landscapes where you can play and learn. They protect our wildlife and resources. They let us look into the past and protect our history. Keeping them public supports a healthy planet. Learn More →

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