Native American Affairs

The Reclamation Program was established in 1902 to help foster economic development in the 17 Western States by developing and building water supply projects. Today, the Bureau of Reclamation is a contemporary water management agency with numerous programs, initiatives and activities to help meet new water needs and balance the multitude of competing uses of water in the West.

Reclamation is committed to increasing opportunities for Indians to develop, manage, and protect their water and related resources. The activities supporting these opportunities, sometimes informally referred to collectively as the “Native American Program,” is a collaborative, coordinated, integrated function in Reclamation.

The Native American Affairs Program, which is a formal program funded through the Native American Affairs line item in Reclamation’s budget, is a small but integral part of the overall Native American Program. The Native American and International Affairs Office in the Commissioner's Office serves as the central coordination point for the Native American Affairs Program and lead for policy guidance for Native American issues in Reclamation.


Last Updated: 10/16/17