Financial Assistance & Property Managment Division
S. Jim Keiffer, Division Manager (84-27100)

The Property Policy Group is responsible for Reclamation’s development and implementation of property management policy and guidelines. Serves as the Bureau’s Property Management Officer responsible for real property (buildings), personal property and fleet management functions to include expendable and nonexpendable personal property; artwork program; disposal of real property; quarter’s management; Reclamation-owned and GSA-leased space; aircraft management; energy conservation; recycling hazardous materials; and transportation subsidy related programs. The staff manages and provides support for Reclamation-wide property management automated systems.

Property Operations Group - Patrick Campbell, Manager (84-27112)

The Property Operations Group manages the Denver Office's (DO) fleet/pool vehicles, personal property accountability / excess, office access, key management, systems furniture modifications, conference room reservations, shipping, receiving, transportation subsidy programs, tort claims, lost and found, and mail management program..

Financial Assistance Operations - Beverly Nelson, Chief of Grants Management (84-27131)

The Financial Assistance Services Team is responsible for development and maintenance of Reclamation-wide financial assistance policy and regulations as well as the award and administration of grants and cooperative agreements in support of Denver Office and Washington Office programs. The staff performs policy and oversight functions, implements new legislative initiatives, provides financial assistance operational support, and distributes career and training information for Reclamation grants management specialists

Additionally, the group coordinates the use of and manages Reclamation-wide financial assistance systems, such as GrantSolutions, the Information Monitoring and Tracking System (IMATS), and the Automated Standard Application for Payments (ASAP).




Last Updated: 12/9/21