Financial and Business Management System (FBMS)


The Reclamation Integration Office (RIO) goal is to provide the Bureau of Reclamation's Financial and Business Management System (FBMS) users with information on FBMS improvements, to increase FBMS user satisfaction, to provide Business Integration Office (BIO) Communications and to enhance the overall FBMS experience.

Ed Abreo (84-27200) – Division Manager

Under the guidance of the Director, Mission Support Organization (MSO), the Reclamation Integration Office (RIO) provides subject matter experts (SME) for the DOI’s Financial and Business Management System (FBMS), serves on ad-hoc teams, and performs a variety of special assignments.  The RIO also represents Reclamation and actively participates on the FBMS Software Advocacy Leadership Team (FSALT) and Special Interest Groups (SIGs). The FSALT’s goal is to ensure the FBMS program develops and maintains processes that meet the needs of the FBMS community while aligning with the strategic priorities of the FBMS Executive Steering Committee and program leadership. The SIGs are comprised of Bureau SME tasked with determining how enhancements should be incorporated into FBMS. RIO supports efforts to improve and enhance FBMS through submission of optimization items (OI) and coordination with the BIO and FSALT to prioritize and implement OIs.

The RIO is organized into two branches, Business Process Support and Production Support and Reporting.

Business Process Support (84-27210) – Diane Parks-Stott, Branch Manager
The Business Process Support Branch provides FBMS support for Core Financials, Property, Acquisition, Financial Assistance and Charge Card modules.  The Core Financials FBMS module consist of the Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger/Special Ledger/Business Planning and Consolidation, Funds Management, Travel, Permanent Change of Station, Sales & Distribution, Labor/Payroll, Controlling Project System, Budget and Master Data business processes. FBMS Property module consist of Real, Personal Property and Fleet processes.  Real Property includes land, buildings, structures, and facilities. Acquisition, Financial Assistance and Charge Card FBMS modules support a number of processes.  The Acquisition FBMS module supports the process of recording the acquisition of goods and services; tracking the status of requisitions, purchase orders, and contracts; recording and validating the receipt of goods and services; and providing information to the core financial system for matching invoices and issuing payments. Financial Assistance FBMS module support the process for recording and tracking program grants or cooperative agreements activities.  Charge Card FBMS module supports the process for posting, tracking, and reallocating charges made using the Federal Government Charge Card for purchasing, travel, and fleet activities.

Production Support and Reporting (84-27220) – Rick Kness, Branch Manager
The Production Support and Reporting Branch is responsible for FBMS Production Support, Reporting, Communication, Training, Incident Management/Remedy and Security. Production support includes fiscal year-end scheduling and activities, system testing for major releases and enhancements, batch processing and various ad-hoc processes to support and ensure successful completion of the jobs necessary to sustain Reclamation’s FBMS system operations.  The Branch provides reporting support to FBMS users across the bureau, and provides support for FBMS report development, data analysis and data visualizations.  Communications supports Reclamation’s internal efforts to provide users with FBMS information from the BIO and the bureau, utilizing newsletters, meetings and e-mail as the primary media.  The training program includes both BIO and Reclamation training initiatives from development to implementation.  Incident management/Remedy responsibilities include review and administration of the help desk tickets generated by Reclamation users. Security is the primary body of expertise supporting and administering Reclamation’s FBMS security processes.  Security resolves most security related help desk tickets and develops training for the security community.  Security coordinates with account controllers and implements BIO data calls and periodic reviews.


Last Updated: 6/9/20