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Title: Folsom Dam Road Access Restriction EIS
Summary: The Folsom Dam Road was closed indefinitely for security reasons on February 28, 2003 to preserve and protect the core mission of the facility and for the ultimate safety of the public. The EIS addressed impacts from continuing long-term restricted access across Folsom Dam Road.
Elizabeth Vasquez (916) 978-5040 N/A
05/31/2005Notice of Intent published April 5, 2004. Draft EIS released for a 45-day public review on December 3, 2004. Final EIS released April 22, 2005. Record of Decision signed May 31, 2005. PROBLEMS VIEWING OR DOWNLOADING FILES? PLEASE CONTACT LYNNETTE WIRTH AT (916) 978-5102 or
List of Available Reports
File Report Title File Ext File Size
Record of Decision, Folsom Dam Road Access Restriction .pdf 38 B
Final EIS, Cover page, Front Matter, Section 1 and Section 2 .pdf 2,643 B
Final EIS, Section 3 (Intro) thru Section 3.4 .pdf 3,764 B
Final EIS, Section 3.5 thru Section 3.11 .pdf 3,980 B
Final EIS, Section 4 thru Section 7 .pdf 479 B
Final EIS, Appendices A thru C, Appendix D Cover page .pdf 1,576 B
Final EIS, Appendices E (Intro) thru Appendix E3 .pdf 3,983 B
Final EIS, Appendix E4 Part 1 of 3 .pdf 3,563 B
Final EIS, Appendix E4 Part 2 of 3 .pdf 3,422 B
Final EIS, Appendix E4 Part 3 of 3 .pdf 4,370 B
Final EIS, Appendix E5 .pdf 147 B
Cover page thru Section 3.5, page 2, draft EIS .pdf 4,914 B
Section 3.5, page 3, thru 3.11, draft EIS .pdf 3,257 B
Section 4 thru Appendix D, draft EIS .pdf 1,091 B