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Title: South Valley Water Bank Authority Pixley Groundwater Banking Project
Summary: The release of Restoration Flows would reduce annual surface water deliveries to Friant Division water contractors, potentially placing greater stress on the region's groundwater basins and the region's agricultural economy. The purpose of the proposed action is to contribute to achieving the Settlement Water Management Goal by reducing, avoiding, or offsetting the quantity of expected water supply impacts to Friant Division long-term contractors caused by the release of Restoration Flows by facilitating groundwater banking and recharge activities by local districts. Original Draft EA/IS released for public review in 2016. The project and draft 2016 EA/IS have been modified due to comments received on the draft. A revised draft EA/IS has been released for public review on April 17, 2017.
Becky Victorine (916) 978-4624 916-978-5469
12/21/2017FONSI was signed Dec. 21, 2017
04/18/2017Revised draft EA/IS available April 17, 2017. Comments are due on May 16, 2017.
List of Available Reports
File Report Title File Ext File Size
South Valley Water Banking Authority Modified Pixley Groundwater Banking Project FONSI .pdf 161,422 KB
South Valley Water Banking Authority Modified Pixley Groundwater Banking Project Final EA-IS .pdf 4,245,228 KB
Appendix A: Chapter 1 Environmental Impacts Evaluation .pdf 3,818,248 KB
Appendix A part 2: Chapter 2 Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program .pdf 1,330,432 KB
Appendix B; Part 1 Air Quality Analysis .pdf 5,815,778 KB
Appendix B Part 2 - Air Quality and Greenhouse Gas Analysis .pdf 2,190,676 KB
Appendix C: Biological Evaluation .pdf 6,564,646 KB
Appendix D Part 1 - Aquatic Resources Delineation .pdf 3,392,893 KB
Appendix D Part 2 - Aquatic Resources Delineation .pdf 3,173,542 KB
Appendix D Part 3 - Aquatic Resources Delineation .pdf 5,759,031 KB
Appendix D Part 4 - Aquatic Resources Delineation .pdf 5,074,184 KB
Appendix D Part 5 - Aquatic Resources Delineation .pdf 5,082,039 KB
Appendix D Part 6 - Aquatic Resources Delineation .pdf 456,100 KB
Appendix F: Soils Report .pdf 1,104,583 KB
Appendix G - Geology and Soils Impact Analysis .pdf 3,657,558 KB
Appendix H1 - Hydrology and Water Quality Impact Analysis .pdf 483,784 KB
Appendix H Part 1 - Figures .pdf 3,684,352 KB
Appendix H Part 2 - Figures .pdf 3,684,352 KB
Appendix H Part 3 - Figures .pdf 1,869,613 KB
Appendix H Part 4 - Geology and Stratigraphy Tech Memo .pdf 4,887,403 KB
Appendix H Part 5 - Well and Cross Section Location Map .pdf 3,561,546 KB
Appendix H Part 6 - Groundwater Moel Approach and Methodology .pdf 491,591 KB
Appendix H Part 7 - Well Interference by Analytical Methods Pixley Groundwater Banking Project .pdf 454,451 KB
Appendix H Part 8 - Policy for Accepting Non-Project Water into the Friant-Kern and Madera Canals: Water Quality Monitoring Requirements .pdf 540,232 KB
South Valley Water Bank Authority Pixley Groundwater Banking Project Draft Environmental Assessment/Initial Study .pdf 4,357,420 KB
Appendix A - CEQA EIS Chapter 1 .pdf 3,192,302 KB
Appendix B - Air Quality and GHG technical Study No File Extenstion Given 4,632,339 KB
Appendix A of Draft EA, South Valley Water Banking Authority Modified Pixley Groundwater Banking Project .pdf 6,437,956 KB
Appendix C - Biological Evaluation Technical Study No File Extenstion Given 3,514,528 KB
Appendix D - Wetland Delineation .pdf 6,013,261 KB
Appendix D (Part 2) - Wetland Delineation .pdf 5,867,490 KB
Appendix F - NRCS Soils Report .pdf 712,091 KB
Appendix G - Geology & Soils Technical Study .pdf 992,699 KB
Appendix H - Hydrology & Water Quality Technical Study .pdf 2,872,514 KB
Appendix I - USBR Friant Kern Canal Water Quality Standards .pdf 325,815 KB