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Title: North Sonoma County Agricultural Reuse Project (Title XVI), EIR/EIS
Summary: The Energy and Water Development Appropriations Act, 2002, included $500,000 for a feasibility study of the proposed project. In September 2002, a Cooperative Agreement was executed with the Sonoma County Water Agency (SCWA)and Reclamation to initiate the study. Study authority is Public Law 102-575, Title XVI, Section 1604, as amended (the Reclamation Wastewater and Groundwater Study and Facilities Act, October 30, 1992). The proposed Project is located in Sonoma County, in the vicinity of Santa Rosa, California. The SCWA, in its continuing efforts to develop a recycled water supply for agriculture water users, is investigation opportunities for recycled water supply, storage, and distribution in the Alexander, Russian River, and Dry Creek Valleys (North Sonoma County area). The recycled water would be stored and conveyed to the proposed area for use as irrigation water on up to 25,000 acres of agricultural lands (vineyards). The proposed water recycling project would eliminate the diversion of 10,000 acre-feet of Russian River water for recycled wastewater, thereby leaving more flows in the Russina River during the summer months for anadromous fish restoration.
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11/04/2008Notice of Intent published on January 31, 2006. Scoping meetings held February 2006. Draft EIR/EIS distributed on March 20, 2007. Comments were due May 28, 2007. Hearing held on May 15, 2007. Final EIR/EIS on hold.**************** Draft EIS files available below. Appendix F, Biology, is too large to download with dial-up; call (707) 547-1935 for copy or CD of EIS.
List of Available Reports
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Appendix F, Biology, Additional tables, North Sonoma .pdf 105 KB
Draft EIS, Appendix A1, NOI/NOP, North Sonoma .pdf 3,667 KB
Draft EIS, Appendix A2, NOI/NOP, North Sonoma .pdf 3,886 KB
Draft EIS, Appendix B, Scoping, North Sonoma .pdf 1,112 KB
Draft EIS, Appendix C, NOP Comments, North Sonoma .pdf 3,242 KB
Draft EIS, Appendix D1, Farmland, North Sonoma .pdf 2,045 KB
Draft EIS, Appendix D2, Farmland, North Sonoma .pdf 2,360 KB
Draft EIS, Appendix E, Air Quality, North Sonoma .pdf 296 KB
Draft EIS, Appendix F, Biology, North Sonoma .pdf 17,283 KB
Draft EIS, Appendix G1, Archeology/History, North Sonoma .pdf 4,326 KB
Draft EIS, Appendix G2, Archeology/History, North Sonoma .pdf 2,379 KB
Draft EIS, Appendix H, Noise, North Sonoma .pdf 227 KB
Draft EIS, Figures, Part 1, North Sonoma .pdf 5,547 KB
Draft EIS, Figures, Part 2, North Sonoma .pdf 270 KB
Draft EIS, Figures, Part 3, North Sonoma .pdf 2,543 KB
Draft EIS, Figures, Part 4, North Sonoma .pdf 1,296 KB
Draft EIS, Figures, Part 5, North Sonoma .pdf 2,946 KB
Draft EIS, Main volume, North Sonoma .pdf 2,064 KB