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Southeast California Regional Basin Study

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Study Proposal

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Plan of Study

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In 2010, the Bureau of Reclamation collaborated with the Borrego Water District and three other cooperating regional water districts - Imperial Irrigation District, Coachella Valley Water District, and San Diego County Water Authority - to develop a Basin Study proposal that will:

Coachella ValleyWork began on the 50/50 cost-share Study ($850,000 total cost) in January 2011, and it is expected to be complete by the end of 2012. With stakeholder participation and input, the technical Study will incorporate information from the latest science, engineering, technology, climate models, and innovations. Its analysis of strategies and options will be similar to an appraisal-level study.

The area that will be assessed includes nearly 5,200 square miles of southeastern California and features over 750,000 people, three irrigation districts with a combined agricultural crop production valued at over $1 billion annually, four Indian Tribes, 10 cities, and California’s largest inland lake, the Salton Sea. This activity will enable these often competing interests to partner with Reclamation and investigate and evaluate existing water resources management practices, system components, and management mechanisms to optimize water resources in alternative scenarios.

Study Timeline
April 2011
Begin Study
April 2011-April 2013
Characterize water supply & demand
April 2011-June 2013
Identify legal & regulatory constraints
August 2012-August 2013
Identify options & strategies
April-August 2013
Climate change & scenario modeling
January 2014
Publish draft final report
April 2014
Publish final report & appendices

Send questions or comments via :

e-mail: SECABasinStudy@usbr.gov
phone: (951) 695-5310
fax: (951) 695-5319

Updated: October 2014