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Colorado River Basin Water Supply & Demand Study

Options Received to
Resolve Water Supply and Demand Imbalances

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In November 2011, the Colorado River Basin Water Supply & Demand Study began its fourth and final phase: Development of Opportunities to Balance Supply and Demand. From November 2011 through February 2012 public input was sought for ideas on a broad range of potential options to help resolve projected water supply and demand imbalances in the Basin. During this period, over 140 ideas were submitted, representing a broad range of possibilities.

Work is on-going in the Study to evaluate the effectiveness of these options in addressing imbalances between supplies and demands characterized in the Study. The Study will not result in the selection or funding of a particular proposed option or set of options. Rather, the Study will explore a broad range of options to help address future imbalances and the performance of those options across a range of future conditions.

Information on the preliminary assessment of potential future water supply and demand imbalances, and the approach for organizing and evaluating options can be found in the following Study materials:

Input Recieved

The options have been separated into four main categories based on their approach for resolving the imbalance: Increased Supply, Reduced Demand, Modify Operations, and Governance and Implementation. The percentage of options in each category is listed on the chart below,

Distributions of Options Recieved from the Public

View Submitted Options

The submitted options can be viewed through links in the following files. The first file lists just the option names, while the second file also contains a short description of each option. Both files are sorted by the categories described above, and the complete option submital can be viewed by clicking a link in the option name.


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