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Lower Colorado Region Environmental Documents
Mohave County Wind Farm Project

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Record of Decision

Mohave County Wind Farm Project ROD Signed June 28, 2013
Attachment 1, Plan of Development
Attachment 2, ECP-BCS
Attachment 3, BMPs and Mitigation_Measures
Attachment 4, Memorandum of Agreement

Final Environmental Impact Statement, Volume I

Cover Abstract Dear_Reader for FEIS Volume I
Cover for FEIS Volume I
Table of Contents and Acronyms
Executive Summary
Chapter 1, Introduction Purpose and Need
Chapter 2, Proposed Action and Alternatives
Chapter 3, Affected Environment
Chapter 4, Environmental Consequences
Chapter 5, Consultation and Coordination
Chapter 6, References
Back Cover

Final Environmental Impact Statement, Volume II

Cover for FEIS Volume II
Appendix A, RMP
Appendix B, BMPs
Appendix C, Plans and Strategies
Appendix D.1, Introduction
Appendix D.2, Simulations KOP 1
Appendix D.3, Simulations KOP 2
Appendix D.4, Simulations KOP 4
Appendix D.5, Simulations KOP 7
Appendix D.6, Simulations KOP 13
Appendix D.7, Simulations KOP 27
Appendix D.8, Simulations KOP 30
Appendix D.9, Simulations KOP 169
Appendix D.10, Simulations KOP 171
Appendix D.11, Simulations KOP 173
Appendix D.12, Representative Photographs
Appendix D.13, Visual Rating Worksheets
Appendix E, Microwave
Appendix F, Screening Tools
Appendix G, Memorandum of Agreement
Appendix H, DEIS
Appendix I, USFWS ECP Review
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Plan of Development

Plan of Development, May 2013
Attachment 1, Alternative A Legal Description and Acres
Attachment 2, Siemens Wind Turbine
Attachment 3, Integrated Reclamation Plan
Attachment 4, HSSE Plan
Attachment 4.A, Control of Work
Attachment 4.B, Permit to Work
Attachment 4.C, Permit to Work Form
Attachment 4.D, Ground Disturbance
Attachment 4.DD, Lifting
Attachment 4.E, Ground Disturbance Permit
Attachment 4.EE, Grounding
Attachment 4.F, Critical Lifts
Attachment 4.FF, Chemical Hazards
Attachment 4.G, Critical Lift Permit
Attachment 4.GG, PPE
Attachment 4.H, Crane_Mobilization
Attachment 4.HH, Respiratory
Attachment 4.I, Driving Safety
Attachment 4.II, Scaffolds
Attachment 4.J, Emergency Response Plan (ERP)
Attachment 4.J-A, ERP
Attachment 4.J-B, ERP
Attachment 4.J-C, ERP
Attachment 4.J-D, ERP
Attachment 4.J-E, ERP
Attachment 4.JJ, Compressed Gas
Attachment 4.K, Contractor Mgmt
Attachment 4.KK, Hot Work
Attachment 4.L, Drug Abuse
Attachment 4.LL, Flammable
Attachment 4.M, Barricade_Requrements
Attachment 4.MM, Medical
Attachment 4.N, Blood
Attachment 4.NN, SIMOPS
Attachment 4.O, Confined Space
Attachment 4.OO, Hearing
Attachment 4.P, Heights
Attachment 4.PP, Stop Work
Attachment 4.Q, Electrical
Attachment 4.QQ, BMPs
Attachment 4.R, Lockout
Attachment 4.S, Energy Permit
Attachment 4.SS, Blasting Plan
Attachment 4.T, ATV
Attachment 4.TT, Blasting_Permit
Attachment 4.U, Rigging
Attachment 4.UU, Heat
Attachment 4.VV
Attachment 4.W, Fire
Attachment 4.WW, Excavation Checklist
Attachment 4.X, JSEA Form
Attachment 4.XX, Excavation Evaluation
Attachment 4.Y, Forklift
Attachment 4.Z, PPE
Attachment 5, Spill Prevention Control and Counter Measures
Attachment 6, Transportation and Traffic Plan
Attachment 7, Dust and Emissions Control Plan
Attachment 8, Mohave BLASTING PLAN draft
Attachment 9, Mining Plan of Operations
Attachment 10, Flagging Plan
Attachment 11, Decommissioning Plan
Attachment 12, ECP-BCS
Attachment 13, Bat Conservation Strategy
Attachment 14, Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan
Attachment 15, ECCMP

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