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Special Olympics Torch Run

Special Olympics Torch Run Walking up out of Black Canyon from Hoover Dam is no easy task, running the distance even more so. But those who do it to support Special Olympics welcome the challenge. Left to right are Deputy Chief of Police Dennis Shotwell, Compliance Chief Amy Cutler, a Special Olympics Athlete, Chief of Police Mary Hinson, a Special Olympics Athlete, Officer Brian Gorecki, a Special Olympics Athlete, Officer Amber Barlow, and Sergeant Kevin Lister.

It was the first hot day of the season and morning temperatures on May 16 at Hoover Dam ranged from the mid to upper 80s.

The change in temperature from balmy on the previous day to hot on the next day, however, did not deter five Hoover Dam employees and three Special Olympians from running up hill from the middle of Hoover Dam to the Nevada Check Point.

The path was well known to the runners, not only because they work at Hoover Dam, but because, most of them were continuing a tradition “. . . started several years back,” said Chief of Police Hinson. “Officer Amber Barlow and Officer Brian Gorecki have led the event for the past five years,” she added.

In addition to Barlow and Gorecki, the group of runners included Deputy Chief of Police Dennis Shotwell, Compliance Chief Amy Cutler, Chief of Police Hinson, and Sergeant Kevin Lister.
Another way in which HDPD officers will support Special Olympics is the “Tip-a-Cop” fundraiser at a restaurant in Henderson.

“More than 500 law enforcement personnel from federal, military, state, county and local agencies participate in the Torch Run campaign in the State of Nevada,” said Hinson. “In addition to the torch run, funds are raised year-round through a variety of activities, such as: Tip‐A‐Cops, Polar Plunges, Over the Edge, and many more.”

“Every May, the torch run starts at the Hoover Dam and makes its way across the state to Reno,” she added. “It's an honor and privilege to run with the athletes and carry the Flame of Hope. The Law Enforcement Torch Run® has become the single largest supporter of Special Olympics.”

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Updated: 5/27/14