Information Resources Office (IRO)

Ms. Karla J. Smiley, Director, 84-21000

The IRO is responsible for program coordination, execution, and oversight of Reclamation's information technology (IT) functions. The IRO shares with the Commissioner basic responsibility for the planning, formulation, and execution of all Reclamationwide IT functions, including IT security. The IRO is responsible for implementation of the Clinger-Cohen Act of 1996 by providing advice and assistance to the Commissioner and other senior management to ensure that IT is acquired and managed for Reclamation in a manner that implements policies and procedures of the Information Technology Management Reform Act (ITMRA). The IRO develops, maintains, and facilitates the implementation of a sound and integrated IT architecture for Reclamation, and promotes the effective and efficient design and operation of all IT management processes, including improvements to work processes and IT security.


Information Technology Services Division, 84-21100

Information Technology Risk and Portfolio Management Division, 84-21200

Information Management Division, 84-21300


Last Updated: 10/22/15