Great Plains Region 2017 Photo Contest Gallery

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The 2017 GP Photo Contest produced 116 photo entries showing the diverse activities, facilities, people, and wildlife in the Great Plains Region. More than 160 votes were cast for 56 assorted photos, but top honors go to four photographers and their great images.

Jeff Ticknor, Civil Engineer (RO) & Nathan Morgan, Civil Engineer (WYAO) win first place with their photo of Adam Northup descending down the Yellowtail spillway in a glory of light. James Weigel, Planning Program Coordinator (DKAO) earns second place with his photo "Beam me up Scotty", which shows the Heart Butte Spillway conduit Annual Site Inspection. Third place goes to Shelly Wayne (spouse of Michael Wayne; mechanic at Buffalo Bill Dam WYAO) with her photo of Buffalo Bill Dam in Cody, Wyo. on a frigid February day.

Thank you photographers for the great images!

Last Updated: 2/6/18