Water Conservation Field Services Program

Reclamation is in the process of updating the Water Conservation Field Services Program and has issued a temporary Reclamation Manual Release. The goal of this Temporary Reclamation Manual Release (TRMR) D&S is to ensure consistency and efficiency in the process the Bureau of Reclamation uses to carry out financial assistance as part of the Water Conservation Field Services Program.  This TRMR provides that financial assistance will be available under the WCFSP for water conservation planning, development of system optimization reviews, designing water management improvements, and demonstration projects. 

Over the next year, Reclamation will be working on a permanent Water Conservation Field Services Program Directive and Standard, which will include an opportunity for public review.  In the meantime, this TRMR is being issued to ensure that some key program requirements are captured.  Please visit http://www.usbr.gov/watersmart/ for more information.

Contact: Josh German, 303-445-2839, jgerman@usbr.gov


Last Updated: 1/24/18