DOS Program Spooler
Version 1.2.0

Chameleon64 is a DOS program spooler that can be used to run the Bureau of Reclamation’s Flood Routing (Flrout) and Water Surface Profile (Zprof) Programs, which have been recompiled to run using Windows7 and newer operating systems. (ZIP file contains DOS executables, user manuals, example data files, etc.)

Flood Routing Program (Flrout)

The Flrout program routes a flood through a reservoir containing up to seven spillways and/or outlet works. During each time step for a developed hydrograph, the program uses an iteration technique to find the new reservoir elevation, which provides equilibrium based on the known inflow and computed discharges. Thus, change in storage = average inflow - average outflow. Five types of dam intakes may be used in any combination to make a total of seven waterways. The waterways are 1) ogee crest ungated or gates fully open, 2) gated ogee crest, 3) broad or sharp crested weir, 4) flow given by a power equation and, 5) flow given by a linear equation.

Water Surface Profile Program (Zprof)

Using the Standard Step Method, the Zprof program computes the subcritical or supercritical water surface profile for prismatic open channels or closed conduits with a free surface. In addition, the program has the capability of computing just the normal and critical depths, computing the conjugate depth, computing the amount of air entrained in the water, computing the parameters for checking if slug flow conditions exist, and checking the cavitation potential for the channel lining surface. The cross sections for open channels can be triangular, rectangular, trapezoidal, circular, or those that can be defined by coordinates. For closed conduits, the sections can be rectangular, circular, horseshoe, or transitional. The program computes up to eight water surface profiles for any number of cross sections. The required inputs, which can be in English or metric units, are the discharge rates, the corresponding initial depths, and parameters that define the channel and cross sections.

  • Chameleon64 Software, Version 1.2.0 (3.7 MB ZIP file containing DOS executables, user manuals, example data files, etc.)

Last Updated: 12/10/18