Water Management Decision Support Systems

The Water Management Decision Support System program is an outgrowth of Reclamation's Snake River Resources Review (SR3). Through SR3, Reclamation took the lead in developing sound, credible, and defendable analytical tools and data for the Snake River Basin water management. The decision support system and associated tools and technology developed for the Snake River Basin have been applied in making water management decisions, enabling technical specialists to conduct their work more efficiently.

One of its first applications was the 1999 Million Acre Feet Flow Augmentation Impact Analysis, done as part of the Corps of Engineers Lower Snake River Juvenile Salmon Migration Feasibility Study and EIS. The Snake River decision support system enabled system wide resource and economic effects analysis within a very short time frame.

This technology has been transferred outside the Snake River Basin and successfully applied on water management issues in other basins such as the Yakima River Basin in Washington and the Deschutes River Basin in Oregon and in California. The technology has demonstrated its utility in efficiently addressing competing water management challenges.

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For information concerning tools, models and reports available or for additional information please contact Karl Tarbet at ktarbet@usbr.gov

Last Updated: 8/23/16