Umatilla River Basin Daily Data

This form retrieves Hydromet daily data for one station in a 12-character column fixed-field format suitable for data import into spreadsheets or database programs. Instrumentation and other metadata for a given station is available here.



Year: Month: Day:


Year: Month: Day:

PARAMETERS: (Not all parameters applicable to all stations)

AF Reservoir Storage Content (acre-feet) FB Reservoir Water Surface Elev (feet)
GD Average River Gauge Height (feet) GJ Average Canal Gauge Height (feet)
QJ Average Daily Canal Flow (cfs) QD Average Daily River Flow (cfs)
WI Minimum Water Temperature (deg F) QP Pumped Discharge(cfs)
WZ Mean Water Temperature (deg F) WK Maximum Water Temperature (deg F)

All temperatures are in degrees Fahrenheit unless otherwise noted.
AF and FB values are for readings taken at Midnight each day.

Last Updated: 8/24/20