Bureau of Reclamation, Pacific Northwest Region
Rogue River Basin 7 Day Moving Average Flows

BCTO - Bear Creek  below Phoenix DiversionGILO - Bear Creek at Medford, OR BASO - Bear Creek below Ashland Cr. at Ashland, OR MFDO - Bear Creek at Medford, OR EMI -  Emigrant Dam and Lake Discharge near Ashland, OR Clickable Reservoir Storage and Streamflow Diagram
PROVISIONAL DATA - Subject to change
7 Day Average flows
Emigrant Dam Release(EMI) 7 Day (QD7):
Bear Ck. below Ashland Ck.(BASO) 7 Day (QD7):
Bear Creek at Medford, OR(MFDO) 7 Day (QD7):
South Fork Little Butte Ck. at Gilkey, OR(GILO) 7 Day (QD7):
Bear Creek at Talent, OR(BCTO) 7 Day (QD7):

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