Hydromet Daily Values (ARCHIVE) Parameter Codes

Parameter Description
AFReservoir Active Storage (Acre-Feet)
BHBarometric Pressure, Daily Average (mmHg)
FBReservoir Water Surface Elevation (Feet)
GDGauge Height, Daily Average (Feet)
IDReservoir Inflow, Computed Daily Average (Cubic Feet per Second)
MMAir Temperature, Daily Average (Degrees F)
MNAir Temperature, Daily Minimum (Degrees F)
MXAir Temperature, Daily Maximum (Degrees F)
NTTotal Dissolved Gas (mmHg)
PCPrecipitation, Cumulative (Inches)
PEPan Evaporation, Daily Total (Inches)
PPPrecipitation, Daily Total (Inches)
PUCumulative Water Year Precipitation, Oct. 1 to Date (Inches)
PXPrecipitation, Daily Total, Manually Observed (Inches)
QDDischarge, Daily Average (Cubic Feet per Second)
QJCanal Discharge, Daily Average (Cubic Feet per Second)
QTDischarge, Totalled Daily Average (Cubic Feet per Second)
QUUnregulated Flow, Estimated Daily Average (Cubic Feet per Second)
QXDischarge, Daily Maximum (Cubic Feet per Second)
SOAccumulated Snow Water, Oct. 1 to Date (Equivalent Inches of Water)
SESnow Water Content (NRCS sites) (Equivalent Inches of Water)
SPSnow Water Content (Equivalent Inches of Water)
SRSolar Radiation (Langleys)
TAHumidity, Daily Average (%)
UAWind Speed, Daily Average (mph)
UDWind Direction, Daily Resultant (Degrees Azimuth)
WKWater Temperature, Daily Maximum (Degrees F)
WIWater Temperature, Daily Minimum (Degrees F)
WMWater Temperature, Daily Maximum (Degrees Celsius)
WNWater Temperature, Daily Minimum (Degrees Celsius)
WRWind Run (miles/day)
WYWater Temperature, Daily Average (Degrees Celsius)
WZWater Temperature, Daily Average (Degrees F)
YRSaturation Percent, Total Dissolved Gas (Computed %)

AF and FB values are for readings taken at Midnight each day.
QU and ID are calculated values for river flow without the effect of reservoir storage and/or diversions.
Standard time period for calculated parameters is one day. This list is not all-inclusive.

Revised October 13, 2004
Last Updated: 8/24/20