US Bureau of Reclamation, Pacific Northwest Region
Big Butte Creek Basin

BBBO - Big Butte Ck below Butte Falls,OR NFFO - N. Fork Big Butte Crk nr Butte Falls,OR EPCO - Canal blw Cobleigh Rd nr Butte Falls,OR SAWO - S. Fork Big Butte Ck abv Willow Ck WLBO - Willow Lake BUFO - South Fork Big Butte Creek near Butte Falls, OR WCAO - Willow Creek above Willow Lake near Butte Falls, OR WCDO - Willow Creek Dam Outlet near Butte Falls, OR WCBO - Willow Creek nr Butte Falls, OR BSCO - Bieberstedt Creek abv Willow Lake nr Butte Falls, OR Rogue - Big Butte Creek map

Average daily streamflows indicated in cubic feet per second.
Reservoir levels current as of midnight on date indicated.
Click on gaging stations (red dots) for streamflow hydrographs.

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