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AgriMet Weather Station Equipment and Sensors

Equipment Manufacturer
Data Logger Model CR1000 Campbell Scientific, Inc.
Cell Phone Modem Raven XTV Campbell Scientific, Inc.
Cell Phone Antenna (Various Gains) Campbell Scientific, Inc.
10 Watt Solar Panel Model BP Solar, Inc.
75AH AGM Interstate Batteries, Inc.
Station Tripod U.S. Bureau of Reclamation
NEMA Electrical Enclosure Various Manufacturers
Sensors Manufacturer Sensor Height
Pyranometer Model LI-200 Licor, Inc. 3 meters
Wind Monitor Model 05103 RM Young, Inc. 3 meters
Rotronic HygroClip HC2-S3 Air Temp/Rel Humidity Rotronic, Inc. 2 meters
Temperature/RH Radiation Shield Model 41002P RM Young, Inc. 2 meters
Tipping Bucket Precipitation Gage Model TB3 Hydrological Services, Ltd. 2 meters
Load Cell Storage Precipitation Gage Apogee Instruments,, Inc. 2 meters
Soil Temperature Thermistor Model 44030 YSI, Inc. 1,2,4,8,20,40 inches
Leaf Wetness Sensor Model 237 Campbell Scientific, Inc. Variable
Barometer Model PTB 101B Vaisala, Inc. 2 meters
Evaporation Pan Novalynx, Inc. 12 inches

Note: Mention of specific products or manufacturers does not constitute endorsement by the Bureau of Reclamation.

Last Update: 8/30/16