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Reclamation recognizes project manager of the year 2023

Media Contact: Chelsea Kennedy
For Release: Jan 11, 2024
Jennifer Heaverlo, Project Manager of the Year Jennifer Heaverlo, Project Manager of the Year

Jennifer Heaverlo was recently recognized as Reclamation’s Project Manager of the Year. Heaverlo and the other 2023 finalists for the fourth annual Reclamation Project Manager of the Year Award were highlighted during a virtual all-employee meeting.

This prestigious accolade was crafted to recognize outstanding individuals who demonstrated exceptional prowess in implementing and applying project management best practices throughout Reclamation.

Jennifer's unyielding commitment to Reclamation's "concept to implementation" framework set a benchmark for adherence to standard operating procedures laid out in the project management framework. Her meticulous project management approach, coupled with transparent communication channels, ensured stakeholders were well-informed throughout project lifecycles. Jennifer's effective budget management and risk mitigation strategies led to substantial financial savings for Reclamation. Jennifer works in the Columbia-Pacific Northwest Region.

Others recognized for the work in project management are:

Allison Jacobson, California-Great Basin Region: Her role as the California-Great Basin representative on the Project Management Advisory Team underscored her dedication to effective communication and collaboration. Leading multiple water storage program teams, Allison's adeptness in developing materials and agendas showcased her commitment to facilitating decisive actions. Her mentoring initiatives and leadership in challenging roles were highlighted as inspirations for her peers, aligning seamlessly with Reclamation's mission.

Shannon Harrell, Technical Service Center: Shannon's proficiency in managing large, technically complex projects demonstrated a meticulous adherence to Technical Service Center (TSC) project management best practices. Serving as the TSC Project Manager for the Potomac Dam projects, Shannon's meticulous project management plans, status reports, and risk mitigation measures exemplified excellence. Furthermore, her commitment to lessons learned and collaboration for a comprehensive database showcased her dedication to continuous improvement.

Marrisa Luke from the Lower Colorado Basin Region: She led a high-performing team on a project aimed at reducing irrigation water usage at the Administration Building and Regional Training Center. Marrisa's focus on critical success factors, detailed project management plans, and quality control measures illustrated her commitment to achieving project objectives. Her ability to balance competing demands and facilitation of effective communication and coordination earned her recognition for excellence in leadership.

Derek Mickle from the Missouri Basin Region: As a project manager in the Eastern Colorado Area Office, Derek strives to incorporate project management best practices into each project. Derek is the project manager for the Arkansas Valley Conduit, and in that role, used earned value, Gantt chart schedules, budget tracking, work breakdown structures, critical path analysis, coordination meetings, and in-person visits help to achieve the goals of meeting schedule, scope, and budget. His strategic policies resulted in substantial funding, showcasing his ability to align project goals with organizational objectives.

This year’s nominees exemplified the best in project management throughout Reclamation. The event aimed to underscore the significance of fostering a robust Project Management culture within Reclamation and promoting it as a distinguished profession.

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