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Title: Pure Water Monterey Groundwater Replenishment Project - Monterey Regional Water Pollution Control Agency
Summary: Reclamation plans to fund a portion of the Groundwater Replenishment Project's cost under the Title XVI program as authorized by the Water Infrastructure Improvements for the Nation Act. The primary need for the Groundwater Replenishment Project is to replenish the Seaside Basin with 3,500 AFY of purified recycled water to replace a portion of California American Water Company's water supply as required by state orders, including State Water Resources Control Board (State Water Board) Order WR 2009-0060, as amended by Order WR 2016-0016. The project would also provide additional recycled water for crop irrigation in the Castroville Seawater Intrusion Project area reducing reliance on Salinas Valley groundwater.
Vanessa Emerzian (916) 978-5083 N/A
Nathaniel Martin 916-978-6153 N/A
06/21/2017FONSI signed and Final EA posted.
04/27/2017The EA is posted for public review. Comments are due by COB May 5th, 2017.
List of Available Reports
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FONSI - Pure Water Monterey Groundwater Replenishment Project .pdf 142,227 B
Final EA - Pure Water Monterey Groundwater Replenishment Project .pdf 1,085,536 B
Appendix A .pdf 2,050,376 B
Appendix B .pdf 49,568 B
Appendix C .pdf 3,502,644 B
Appendix D .pdf 4,641,696 B
Appendix Da .pdf 6,250,785 B
Appendix E .pdf 810,949 B
Appendix F .pdf 3,418,459 B
Appendix G .pdf 241,584 B
Appendix H .pdf 2,809,425 B
Appendix I .pdf 645,313 B
Appendix J .pdf 252,692 B
Appendix K .pdf 250,989 B
Appendix L .pdf 1,191,462 B
Appendix M .pdf 203,864 B
Appendix N .pdf 1,093,848 B