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Denver Office Electronic Subscriptions FY 2015

Journal Holding List 2014
Listing of paper and electronic formats for past and present journal subscriptions.

Anthropocene Review
(Print) (Online April 2014 - Present) Sage
Advances in Water Resources Research
(Online Only) 2007 - Present Science Direct/ Elsiver
Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society
(Print) (Online2010- Present) Allen Press
Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America
(Print) (Online 1911 - Present) Highwire
Canadian Geotechnical Journal
(Print) (Online 1996-present) Portico/Clockss/NRC Research
Civil Engineering Magazine
(Print Only)
Colorado Outdoors
(Print Only)
Concrete Construction
(Print Only)
Consumer Reports
(Print Only)
Dam Engineering
(Print Only)
Earthquake Spectra
(Print) (Online access to all years available) Allen Press
Earth Magazine
(Print Only)
Earth Surface Processes and Landforms
(Online Only) 1997 - Present Wiley
Ecological Applications
(Print) (Online 1997 - Present) ESA/Portico/JSTOR
EERI Newsletter
(Print Only)
EERI Membership Rooster
(Print Only)
ENR (Engineering News Record)
(Print and Online) User Name & Password required
Engineering Geology
European Foundations
(Print) (Online 2009 - Present) Supplement to Ground Engineering
(Print) (Online 1997 - Present) Taylor and Francis
Fronteirs in Ecology
(Online Only) Various issues available ESA/Portico/JSTOR
(Print) (Online 1979 - Present) Geological Society of America
(Online Only-Open Access) 2007 - Present) Science Direct/Elsevier
Geophysical Prospecting
(Print) (Online 1997 - Present) Wiley
Geophysical Research Letters
(Online Only) (Online 1997 - Present) Wiley/AGU Publications
(Print Only)
Geotechnical and Geological Engineering
(Print) (Online 1997 - Present) Springer
Geotechnical News
(Print Only)
Geotechnical Testing Journal
(Print and Online) ASTM
(Print) (Online 2004-Present) Thomas Telford
Geotextiles and Geomembranes
GPS World
(Print) (Online 2005-present) North Coast Media, LLC
Ground Engineering
(Print Only)
Ground Water Monitoring and Remediation
(Print) (Online 1997 - present)
High Country News
(Online Only 1970 - Present) (User name and password required) High Country News
(Print) (Online 1997 - present) Sage Journals
Hydrolink Newsletter
(Paper Only)
Hydro Review
(Print Only)
Hydrologic Processes

(Online Only) 2004 - Present
Hydrological Sciences Journal
(Print) (Online - Access to all years available) Taylor and Francis Online
IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion (Print Only)
IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery (Print Only)
IEEE Transactions on Power Systems (Print Only)
International Journal of Remote Sensing
(Online Only 2005-2008) Taylor and Francis
International journal of River Basin Management
(Print) (Online 2003 - Present) Taylor and Francis Online
International Journal on Hydropwer and Dams
(Print Only)
International Journal of Numerical Modeling
(Print) (Online 1997 - Present) Wiley Online Library
International Water Power and Dam Construction
(Print) (Online 1998 - Present) Global Trade Media
Jrl. of Applied Geophysics (Print Only)
Jr. American Water Works Association
(Print) (Online 1968 to present) (User name and password required) AWWA
Jrl. of Applied Meteorology & Climatology
(Print) (Online 2010-Present) American Meteorolgical Society
Jrl. of Aquatic Animal Health
(Print) (Online 1996 - Present) Taylor and Francis
Jrl. of Coatings Technology and Research
(Print) (Online 2004 - Present) SpringerLink
Jrl. of Earthquake Engineering
(Print) (Online 1997 - Present) Taylor and Francis Online
Jrl. of Fluid Mechanics
(Print) (Online 2010 - Present) Taylor and Francis Online
Jrl. of Freshwater Ecology
(Print) (Online 1997 - Present) Taylor and Francis Online
Jrl. of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering
(Print) (Online 1983-Present) American Society of Civil Engineers
Jrl. of Geology
(Print) (Online 1893 - Present) JSTOR/ITIHAKA
Jrl. of Hydrology
(Online Only 2007 - Present) ScienceDirect/Elsevier
Jrl. of Hydraulic Engineering
(Print) (Online 1983-Present) American Society of Civil Engineers
Jrl. of Hydraulic Research
(Print) (Online 1963 - Present) Taylor and Francis Online/International Association of Hydraulic Engineering and Research
Jrl. of Hydrologic Engineering
(Print) (Online 1983-Present) Ameriican Society of Civil Engineers
Jrl. of Hydrometeorology
(Print) (Online 2000 - 2014) American Meteorological Society
Jrl. of Hydroscience and Hydraulic Engineering (Print Only)
Jrl. of Sedimentary Research (Print) (Online )
Jrl. of Soil and Water Conservation
(Print) (Online 1981 - Present) Soil and Water Conservation Society/HighWire
Jrl. of the American Water Resources Association
(Print) (Online 1997 - present) Wiley Online Library
Jrl. of the West (Print)
Jrl. of Water Resources Planning and Management
(Print) (Online 1983-Current) American Society of Civil Engineers
Journal of Weather Modification
(Print) (Online 1979 - Present) Weather Modification Assocation
Monthly Weather Review
(Print) (Online 1872 - Present) American Meteorological Society/Atypon Systems, Inc.
North American Journal of Fisheries Management
(Print) (Online 2007 - Present) Taylor and Francis Online
North American Journal of Aquaculture
(Print) (Online 1997 - Present) Taylor and Francis Online
(Print) (Online - User name and password required) AWWA
Pacific Historical Review
(Print) (Online 1930 - Present) JSTOR
Power Engineering
(Print) (Online 2006 - Present) PennWell Corporation
Proceedings of the IEEE
(Print) (Online 1960 - Present) IEEE Xplore Digital Library
Quaternary Research (Print Only)
Remediation (Print)
Remote Sensing Reviews
(Online 2005 - 2008) Taylor Francis Online
Science News
(Print) (Online 1997 - Present) Wiley Online Library
Soil Science Society of American Journal
(Print) (Online 2000-Present) Soil Science Society of America
Southwestern Naturalist (Print Only)
Storm Data
(Free download for government agencies)
Transactions of the American Fisheries Society
(Print) (Online 1997 - Present) Taylor Francis Online
Water Resources Research
(Print) (Online 1997 - Present) Wiley Online Library
Weather & Forecasting
(Print) (Online 1990 - Present) American Meteorological Society/Atpon
Western Historical Quarterly
(Print) (Online 1997 - Present) JSTOR

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