Reclamation works with partners to secure dams and facilities from wildland fire

Written by: Kirsten Strough

Photo by Craig Brougher, Bureau of Reclamation
Photo by Craig Brougher, Bureau of Reclamation
The Washington Flats Fire started seven miles north of Reclamation’s largest hydropower facility, Grand Coulee Dam, in early July 2018. This human-caused wildland fire was largely contained within 24 hours using crews, engines and air support. On July 13, 2018, the 385-acre wildfire was 100 percent contained in just over 4 days.

The Bureau of Reclamation works with partners to protect our water infrastructure and resources for the citizens and habitat of the Pacific Northwest. This work includes wildfire prevention, coordination with partner agencies for fire suppression and rehabilitation of scorched lands in the aftermath of the blaze.

Many agencies coordinated on the Washington Flats Fire, which had significant air support, hand crews, and engine resources. Reclamation worked with the following amazing partners to contain this wildfire near our nation’s critical infrastructure: Washington Department of Natural Resources, Bureau of Land Management, local mutual aid departments, including Douglas County, Grand Coulee Volunteer Fire, Coulee Dam Volunteer Fire and Electric City Volunteer Fire. We thank them for their cooperation and hard work.

Published on August 15, 2018