Sharp Flats Fire in Idaho

Sharp Flats, Idaho
Sharp Flats, Idaho
Idaho's 65,000-acre Sharps Fire near Reclamation's Little Wood Dam and Reservoir is 81 percent contained. Little Wood Campground's campsite, tables, and vault toilets amazingly were unharmed by the fire, though this Reclamation campground will remain closed to the public for the time.

Some Reclamation lands were scorched in the wildfire, but the riparian corridor on BOR land was minimally affected, meaning there should be few if any sedimentation impacts on the reservoir.

The Bureau of Reclamation coordinates with partners to protect our water infrastructure and resources for the citizens and habitat of the Pacific Northwest. This includes coordination with partner agencies on wildfire prevention, suppression, and rehabilitation of scorched lands in the aftermath of the blaze. Agencies will be monitoring the effects of the fire for potential impacts on water quality. Additional repair and restoration needs will be evaluated by the land management agencies affected.

Published on August 13, 2018