Photo of the Week: San Joaquin River Gorge

Written by: Winetta Owens

San Joaquin River Gorge – Photo Credit: Mike Inthavong
San Joaquin River Gorge – Photo Credit: Mike Inthavong
The San Joaquin River Gorge is located about two miles northwest of the town of Auberry, California and is accessible from Smalley Road near Power House Road. The Madera County side includes the Pa'san Ridge and Wuh-ki'o trails. Pa'san (meaning pine nut) and Wuh-ki'o (meaning San Joaquin River) trails are a total of 10 miles in length. The trails contain oak woodlands, foothill pines and a variety of other plants and flowers. On the Fresno County side, visitors can enjoy wildlife, including mourning doves, Audubon cottontail rabbits, band-trailed pigeons, California mule deer, gray squirrel, waterfowl and California quail.

These trail names are derived from the Dumna and Kechayi Native Americans, who once lived in the area.

Other activities for visitors include fishing (catfish and stripped bass), biking, swimming, hiking, camping and horseback riding along the trails.

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Published on November 04, 2015