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Bureau of Reclamation Water Management Video Series Highlights Collaborative Research

Researchers address climate change and variability, flood and drought hazards, and streamflow prediction

Media Contact: Peter Soeth, 303-445-3615,

For Release: May 01, 2014

WASHINGTON - The Bureau of Reclamation is releasing a series of videos summarizing collaborative research addressing climate change and variability impacts, estimating flood and drought hazards, and improving streamflow prediction. This information was presented in January at the Second Annual Progress Meeting on Reclamation Climate and Hydrology Research.

"For more than 100 years, Reclamation and its partners have developed the tools to guide a sustainable water and power future for the West," said Acting Commissioner Lowell Pimley. "This video series summarizes collaborative research that is another tool for Reclamation and its water users to manage water into the future."

To kick off the video series, Reclamation is releasing four videos. They are:

The videos are available as a playlist at:

Reclamation’s Research and Development Office is developing the science and tools that are critical to incorporate information on long-term climate change into water resource planning and infrastructure management. Sustainable water resource management will rely upon management strategies that effectively deliver water under a changing climate as well as including hydrologic hazard possibilities on infrastructure. Improved ability to forecast and use climate variability information may greatly enhance the flexibility of water managers and water users to plan their short-term operations and water delivery.

Research collaborators include Federal and non-Federal organizations, including members of the Climate Change and Water Working Group (, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, National Center for Atmospheric Research, University of Colorado CIRES and others.

Additional videos will be released over the next few weeks in the same playlist. When posted, the video link will be shared on Reclamation's Twitter and Facebook accounts. You can also follow by using the hashtag #climateseries. To see the videos once posted or learn more about the presentations, please visit

To learn more about climate change and variability research please visit

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