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About the CVP

State and Federal Coordination

Some CVP facilities were developed in coordination with the California State Water Project (SWP). Both the CVP and the SWP use the San Luis Reservoir, O'Neill Forebay, and more than 100 miles of the California Aqueduct and its related pumping and generating facilities. The two projects work in close coordination at a Joint Operations Center in Sacramento and join with other agencies such as the National Weather Service and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for joint action during flood emergencies.

Even before passage of the CVPIA in 1992, Reclamation had begun to expand its activities to include a greater emphasis on resource management and actions to restore and enhance fish and wildlife and their habitats. The CVPIA greatly expanded this emphasis and dictated substantial changes in project operations to emphasize environmental protection, restoration, and enhancement. The CVPIA dedicated substantial amounts of water to fish and wildlife purposes, provided for anadromous fish restoration, and created a $40 million-a-year restoration fund financed by water and power users.

The CVPIA also provided for a firm, reliable supply of suitable-quality water totaling up to 400,000 acre-feet for State, Federal, and private wetlands in the Central Valley. On average, the CVP provides approximately half of this supply annually. The CVPIA also provided for supplemental water supplies to these wetlands through the purchase of water from willing sellers. These supplies are to be acquired at not less than 10 percent increments per year with a maximum quantity of 163,259 acre-feet in 2002.

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