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About the CVP

Fisheries Research Actions

Research and action programs have been accelerated to provide for or improve upstream passage for migrating fish including salmon, steelhead, shad, and striped bass. Major projects have been initiated to provide for better fish screening at water diversions in order to prevent the destruction of young fish moving downstream. Water is assured for wildlife refuges and numerous interim actions, and studies are underway to restore fish and wildlife resources in the San Francisco Bay, Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta estuary, and elsewhere in the CVP service area.

A prime example of Reclamation's efforts to help restore California's fisheries may be found in the building of the Shasta Dam Temperature Control Device (TCD). This "fish friendly" $80-million facility provides cold water needed by salmon while at the same time assuring the continued generation of hydroelectric power. Prior to the TCD's construction, Reclamation released cold water for salmon from the dam's lower outlets during the summer; however, these cold-water releases had to bypass the powerplant and thus resulted in losses of power totaling more than $40 million. The TCD allows water to be drawn from various levels of the reservoir without having to bypass the powerplant, thus maintaining power production.

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