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Non-interactive graphicThe Central Valley Project, one of the largest water supply projects in the world, plays a major role in providing irrigation and municipal and industrial water to over 250 water districts, individual farmers, and municipalities in California's Central Valley.

The complexity of the CVP goes beyond just water purposes.  Like many major water resource projects designed and operated to serve multiple purposes, the CVP is an integrated project comprised of both single-purpose and multi-purpose facilities.

 In accordance with project authorizations, portions of the costs for CVP facilities are reimbursed by CVP water and power users.  CVP water accounting includes this process, and much more, including:

  • Cost allocation
  • Water rate development
  • Tracking of water deliveries and revenue
  • Payment tracking
  • Annual accountings  
Each year this process accounts for over $80 million in revenue from water users alone.

All documents are in the Adobe PDF format

For additional information, contact:
CVP Water Accounting Help Desk (916) 978-5550.

February 28, 2014

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