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The Bureau of Reclamation Water Operations and Record Keeping System (BORWORKS) is the Central Valley Project’s water accounting system.  BORWORKS is the core of CVP water accounting as it provides an automated means for updating and tracking water delivery, charge, and payment data for over 250 individual water customers in the Central Valley Project.  Staff in the Regional Office along with the area offices input data into the system based on information received from respective water authorities or users. 

The information entered into BORWORKS is used to track water deliveries, charges, and payments, and subsequently used throughout the ratesetting process as a means of calculating future water rates to ensure the fair distribution of cost among water users.

BORWORKS works in conjunction with the Federal Financial System (FFS), Reclamation’s official financial system.


Within the Mid-Pacific Region the CVP water accounting process involves individuals from several divisions, including Resources Management, Financial Management, and Information Technology Services, as well as Area Office staff. 

Below is a list of BOR-WORKS roles and responsibilities by related branch or division.

Accounting Services Branch Enter payment information; reconcile Restoration fund charges.
Area Office (repayment and water accounting personnel) Input and track monthly water deliveries, transfers, exchanges, and current year adjustments by contractor. Distribute monthly water statements.
Information Technology Services Division Provide system development and support.
Ratesetting Services Branch Input contract information into BOR-WORKS (i.e. contract, water types, rates). Review and maintain water delivery data and charges, make adjustments as needed. Perform monthly and annual reconciliations of water deliveries, payments and Restoration Account. Use BORWORKS data to determine annual accountings, calculate annual water rates, and track water revenues.
Water Rights and Contracts Branch Provide technical assistance regarding contractual requirements, interpretation and implementation of contract terms and conditions, and Region office oversight of Area Office repayment activities to ensure consistency among all Area Office contract administration.


For additional information, contact:
CVP Water Accounting Help Desk (916) 978-5550.

August 17, 2010