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About the CVP

Other Facilities

Other major CVP facilities include:

interactive photo: Friant Dam; click for larger photo Friant Dam and Millerton Reservoir on the San Joaquin River, a major flood control and water supply facility.



interactive photo: Friant-Kern Canal; click for larger photo

The Madera and Friant-Kern canals which carry water from Millerton Reservoir to farm lands to the north and south.



interactive photo:  Tracy Pumping Plant; click for larger photo

The Tracy Pumping Plant which lifts water from the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta to the Delta-Mendota Canal. It will be the site of a new major fish-screening facility to protect a variety of fish which call the Delta home.


interactive photo: Whiskeytown Dam; click for larger photo

The Trinity River Division which includes Trinity and Whiskeytown Dams and which moves water from the Trinity River to the Sacramento River Basin for export to water-deficient areas of the Central Valley.


interactive photo:  Folsom Dam; click for larger photo

Folsom Dam and Reservoir on the American River near Sacramento, one of California's most heavily used recreation areas, also provides flood control to the capital as well as water for many uses.

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