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Jordanelle Reservoir
Resource Management Plan and
Environmental Assessment

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Reclamation determined that new resource data and/or new sampling studies, surveys, or monitoring studies would not be collected in preparation of this RMP. A conscious decision was made to use existing reports and documents to provide the background and baseline conditions for this RMP dating back to the 1979 Central Utah Project Bonneville Unit Municipal and Industrial System Final Environmental Statement and the 1987 Final Supplement to the Municipal and Industrial System Final Environmental Statement. It is understood that this information represents the conditions prior to the construction of Jordanelle Dam and Reservoir and is over 30 years old. Without current baseline information, the RMP provides as best it can to direct future work development and uses of the resources. It cannot however, go into enough detail to determine changing conditions without current baseline conditions, which are needed to detect any kind of actual change. As a result of this decision, it will be necessary in the future to determine the then current baseline conditions for any project requiring NEPA compliance.

The primary purpose of Jordanelle Reservoir is M&I water supply, so the lake surface will fluctuate significantly. The RMP does not consider modifying reservoir levels, river outlet releases, water operations or the management of water levels to manage the reservoir fishery. Rather, the RMP focuses on land resource management and how best to manage the lands and associated resources in a manner that is compatible and adaptable to the reservoir operations and its annually fluctuating water levels. Therefore, water operations including timing of water deliveries, flood control, water rights, water contracts, hydropower, and water quality would not be impacted in any way by any proposed actions of this document.

 Resource Management Plan
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 Environmental Assessment and Finding of No Significant Impact
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July 16, 2014