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Huntsville Irrigation Canal Piping Water
Conservation Project, Weber County, Utah
Environmental Assessment and Finding of No
Significant Impact

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In February 2010, U.S. Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar established the WaterSMART program to meet the goals established in the Omnibus Public Land Management Act of 2009. Subtitle F of the Act, also known as the SECURE Water Act, established that Congress finds that "adequate and safe supplies of water are fundamental to the health, economy, and ecology of the United States" (SECURE iii). Furthermore, the law authorizes Federal agencies to work with local entities to address issues jeopardizing the security and supply of water in the United States. As the primary water management agency, Reclamation's WaterSMART program administers grants and scientific studies, as well as, provides technical assistance and scientific expertise to state and local entities.

This Environmental Assessment has been prepared for the Bureau of Reclamation and the Huntsville Irrigation Company to assess the potential environmental impacts of the proposed improvements to the HIC's irrigation delivery system, located in Weber County, Utah. The federal action evaluated in this EA is whether Reclamation should authorize federal funds to replace the existing open, unlined earthen canals of the Grow, North Field, Middle Field, and South Field ditches with buried pipelines.

 Environmental Assessment
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Last updated: January 18, 2013