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Huntington/Cleveland Irrigation Company Salinity
Control Project, Phase IV North Ditch Canal Enclosure
Environmental Assessment and
Finding of No Significant Impact

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Huntington-Cleveland Irrigation Company (HCIC) provides irrigation, municipal and industrial water to Emery County Project users through several points of diversion from Huntington Creek and Cottonwood Creek in Emery County, Utah. HCIC has been awarded a salinity grant under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 and the Company has requested use of ARRA funds to enclose a portion of the North Ditch along with other changes (referred to as Phase IV of the Huntington Cleveland Salinity Reduction Program).

This document is an Environmental Assessment for use of Feseral funds to enclosure the North Ditch Canal. The HCIC would place a portion of the flow from the existing Huntington, Cleveland and North Ditch Canals into a new pressurized irrigation system. Portions of the pipeline would be placed within the existing channels of the Cleveland, Huntington and North Ditch Canals. A section of the Huntington Canal would be abandoned. .

 Environmental Assessment
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Last updated: October 5, 2010